Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are one of the most popular types of window installed around the world today. First introduced to the world in 1954 in Germany, vinyl windows grew in popularity due to wood shortages and high aluminum prices following the Second World War. A new, low cost material was needed for windows and other construction components, and out of that need vinyl was created.

Vinyl windows were first introduced in the United States in the 1960s and they have experienced a meteoric rise in popularity since their introduction. Their superior energy efficiency lead to an explosion of market share during the 1970’s energy crisis and they have not looked back since.

Initially, vinyl windows were not without problems, often experiencing cracking and discoloration. Early vinyl often became brittle, discolored, and warped after only a few short years of exposure to the sun’s UV radiation—requiring replacement much quicker than well maintained wood windows.

Today’s vinyl windows have made great strides from their predecessors and are now known for their low maintenance requirements and extended lifespan. Weather Shield’s Aspire Series vinyl windows have advanced well beyond vinyl of the past. Our vinyl windows feature color that is consistent throughout the vinyl extrusion. This allows our vinyl windows to maintain their color longer and make nicks and scratches less visible than they were on painted vinyl. Buying vinyl windows today is an excellent long term investment in your home.

So What Is Vinyl?

Vinyl is a man-made material created from ethylene and chlorine. Once these materials are processed, they combine to form Polyvinyl Chloride—or vinyl for short. Being a synthetic plastic-like material, vinyl is very resistant to moisture, humidity, and decay. For these reasons, vinyl has grown to be a major type of construction material. Additionally, vinyl can be recycled—making it an environmentally friendly construction material.

What Are the Advantages of Vinyl Windows?

We’ve already discussed many of the benefits of vinyl windows, but to recap, the major advantages of vinyl windows are:

  • Excellent Energy Efficiency – vinyl’s insulating properties make vinyl windows a very energy efficient type of window.

  • Durability – vinyl windows offer exceptional durability. Our vinyl windows will not peel, blister, or fade. You will never have to sand or paint your window exterior again!

  • Low-Maintenance – vinyl windows are virtually maintenance free. A simple cleaning is often all that is necessary to keep them looking like new!

If you’ve decided that vinyl windows are the choice for your home, or you simply want to learn more about our vinyl window options, contact us today!

Anlin Window Systems

Anlin Industries, also known as Anlin Window Systems, was founded in 1990 by Tom Vidmar and his two sons Eric and Greg. With valuable manufacturing experience working for Ford Motor Company, and as a CertainTeed window manufacturer – Tom and his sons set out to create a company that would make the finest vinyl replacement windows in the industry.

First came designs that optimized energy efficiency, beauty, functionality, and durability. Then came the choice of top quality materials which were assembled in a manufacturing facility equipped with the latest technology. And finally came a commitment to provide its Dealer network world class service delivered by highly trained employees/technicians equipped with a fleet of fully stocked service vehicles. Anlin quickly became the top choice of window dealers and homeowners throughout California and Western Regions.

Tom believed Anlin’s success flowed from a simple philosophy that the Anlin team was a family, and its Dealers and Homeowners were part of that family. Even his Anlin I.D. badge simply read “Grandpa.” His vision inspired Anlin to build the best and be the best. Anlin has always been known for a safe and happy work environment, world-class products and service, and spirit of giving back to the community. Anlin's focus on Dealers and commitment to Homeowner satisfaction in its products and service is the company's hallmarks, earning Anlin 5-star ratings on review and opinion sites such as YELP and others.



Windsor Windows

Convenience meets dependability with Next Dimension windows and doors from Windsor. Advanced vinyl technology ensures easy operation, superior energy efficiency, low maintenance and high performance. And, with several hardware and finish options available, our Next Dimension line offers a vinyl solution for any application. Our products are built with vinyl extrusions that ensure superior weathering, durability and color retention. We also use Edgetech Super Spacer technology and Cardinal LoE 366 glass, which provides a glazing system that’s top-of-the line in terms of energy efficiency.

Krestmark Windows

Krestmark manufactures quality vinyl windows for both replacement and new construction as well as aluminum windows and patio doors. We are part of the world-wide Boral family of building material companies with combined experience of 100+ years in the window and door industry.

The dedication to “refining service through on-time complete shipments, building affordable quality products and earning customer trust” has allowed Krestmark to continue to increase its market share and customer base.

Krestmark operates out of a 300,000-sf facility located in Dallas, Texas serving Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, New Mexico, Kansas, Mississippi and the Florida Panhandle.

Sierra Pacific Windows

As long as you’re buying windows, take a moment to choose the right brand. At Sierra Pacific, we’ve been making highly-regarded, smoothly-operating vinyl windows for more than half a century. Our products use the newest materials and technologies to enhance their beauty and performance. With our innovative engineering and manufacturing, your new windows will bring the beauty of the outdoors in, while keeping the extremes of the weather out, and all without causing you a care in the world. As you select the windows and patio doors for your new home, you’ll recognize our fine attention to detail, clean styling, and solid integrity. But you’ll really appreciate the array of design options we offer, and the nearly limitless possibilities they create for making our windows uniquely yours. Choose from a complete lineup of operating styles, sizes and shapes. A full range of glazing options—from decorative to energy-efficient. A rainbow of durability-tested exterior colors. And any grille pattern you can imagine; featuring simulated divided lites or grilles between-the-glass.

Provia Windows

ProVia has developed a reputation within the vinyl replacement window industry for developing the best vinyl windows - ones that provide a high degree of customization combined with outstanding quality and energy efficiency.

For the energy-efficient Endure line, ProVia has chosen the optimum levels of technology to make a window that will work continually at peak performance. Endure replacement windows provide all that you would expect from high-performance ENERGY STAR certified vinyl windows, using much less energy to stay warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and provide more comfort all year round.

Endure vinyl windows are one of three ProVia window lines that meet ENERGY STAR window standards nationwide or for specific climate zones. 

ProVia’s Endure windows offer maximum energy efficiency, while displaying stunning beauty, living up to its billing as the best vinyl replacement windows. In fact, professional re-modelers surveyed by Remodeling Magazine rated our vinyl windows #1 for quality. These windows are available in a number of styles, including double hung, casement, slider, bay and bow and more, as well as multiple window glass options, like privacy glassdecorative glassart glass and internal grids

Elevate Windows & Doors

Elevate combines the latest technology and contemporary design to make stunning, energy efficient, windows. We offer only the best material and style options, so whether you’re looking for replacement or new construction products, our windows will upgrade your home from the inside and out. Every product we produce is designed for style, maximum durability, energy efficiency and ease of installation. Are you ready to elevate your view?

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