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About Us:

Texas Door and Window is your one source for all your windows, doors, hardware and millwork packages. We’ve become the one stop shop for homeowners, contractors and builders alike in North Texas. It all started in 2010 by John “Carolina” Busby deciding that a better solution was needed and he had an idea of how to do it. And Texas Door and Window was created. Carolina acquired a group of the finest suppliers in their respective industries to ensure that “you” the customer could rest assured that you were getting a product that would provide a lifetime service and ultimately a happy customer. The word spread fast, and after 3 years of strong growth Carolina asked his wife Sonya to come join the company full time, creating a true family business. Fast forward to today, 10 years later and the same principles hold true. It’s not money or things that matter in life, its a passion and a love of what you are doing that fuels you and it shows every day in everything you do. Come experience the difference, being a part of the Texas Door and Window family makes!

Why Choose Us

The Best Products


Texas Door and Window offers the widest selection of window, door, hardware, and millwork products for residential and commercial applications. We understand how much information is out there, and how overwhelming it can be for consumers to decipher. Besides having to choose from a myriad of products, there are building code, local and state municipality, insurance requirements and Home Owners Association requirements that must be factored into making the correct decision. Our staff is fully trained to educate and assist our customers to design and engineer the most appropriate, and compliant product for your home or business.

The Best Installations


We manage our customers’ projects from beginning to end. Proper installation of products is key to their effectiveness. Our qualified team of engineers, technically trained field supervisors and qualified installation technicians are the best in the industry. Our customers can also be assured that the condition of their home or business will be respectfully maintained throughout the duration of the job.

The Best Customer Service


From the day a customer commits to a contract with Texas Door and Window they also receive a commitment to service. From the get go, a project management specialist is assigned to schedule and oversee each phase of the job from permitting through installation and final inspection. Our customers can rest assured knowing that everyone’s goal at Texas Door and Window is to make sure they are 100 percent satisfied!

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