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The aesthetics of window and door hardware are arguably equally important.


The aesthetics of window and door hardware are arguably equally important to the function. If you are coordinating windows and doors, look for the same hardware finishes on both to match. A well-engineered window or door will be easy to operate. The handle should work smoothly without much effort. The window or door should feel snug in its tracks, but move easily. 




Emtek Hardware


Emtek provides an enormous selection of products for use throughout your home. With products including door hardware, cabinet knobs and pulls and decorative and functional hooks Emtek has solutions for home improvement or construction. Included in Emtek's products is a wide variety of styles and finises perfect to complement your existing style, or to add a new look.

The door hardware from Emtek provides the ultimate quality and security. Ranging from door entry sets and deadbolts to door levers and door knobs you will find the door hardware for every door in your home.

BHP Hardware


Better Home Products-BHP was founded in 1994, a leading supplier of decorative and functional door hardware products to the residential and multifamily new-construction industry. Most products fall into the price range of entry level to midrange in cost.

Goldberg Brothers


Today, Goldberg Brothers continues to manufacture top quality film reels and film-related hardware for the motion picture industry. However, with movies going digital, Goldberg Brothers is changing, too. The company’s flagship film reels have found new life in charming and distinctive home decor and furniture products that capture the mystique and romance of Hollywood’s golden age.

Goldberg Brothers has also returned to its roots as a household hardware manufacturer with its award-winning Goldberg Barn Track sliding barn door track hardware kits.



Schlage door hardware offers an easy way to enhance the style of a home, keep it safe, and even make it smarter. Trusted in over 40 million homes, we create stylish, innovative products that bring the possibilities and potential of every door in your home to life. Which means we’re opening a lot more than just doors.