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Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows have evolved. With new energy star standards in place, the standard aluminum window has been replaced with thermally broken aluminum and aluminum-clad wood (see "Wood Windows" for the latter.) Aluminum windows are a good choice for builders and homeowners. Whether you are building new or renovating. An aluminum window could fit your needs. With multiple color options and a vast array of design capabilities aluminum windows could be just for you. Known for their strength and durability they have been a choice by architects and builders for many, many years now.


Gerkin Windows & Doors


From our beginning in 1932, our primary focus has been to manufacture energy saving window and door products. Throughout our history we have established ourselves as an innovator in the design and manufacturing capability of insulated windows and doors.

Stringent product testing and innovative design has allowed our products to evolve as market and consumer needs change. In the winter of 1989-90 we started to conceptualize and design our Rhino Commercial Aluminum window and door series. Today we have several commercial window styles and doors in the Rhino line. This window and door series consists of a commercial horizontal slider, casement, single hung, double hung, hopper, awning, fixed and patio door. Each Rhino window reflects the design and manufacturing expertise we've implemented over the years. We also publish our AAMA test results to back up our claims of product performance and quality.

The foundation for all of our products and our success as a company is based on high quality maintenance free products, fair pricing, and service after the sale. We want to offer our customers products of value, the best value for their money.


Don Young Windows & Doors


Not all “aluminum windows” are the same! Don Young commercial-grade aluminum windows feature a thermal break that separates the inside metal from the outside metal with very high-density catalyzed polyurethane.


Generically, this engineered design is called “pour and de-bridge” in reference to the extrusion process. We just call it PolyPour. These windows set our aluminum lines apart from conventional, old-fashioned typical aluminum windows that have no thermal breaks. Among those that do, be careful to make sure you notice the differences.


For example, ours feature wide thermal breaks in the jambs, heads, sills, and all sashes of our windows; and the breaks align for maximum thermal performance.

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