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How to Choose the Perfect Windows When Upgrading Your Home Part 1

When you decide it's time to replace your windows, just think of the possibilities and benefits you will receive provided, you make the right choice.  Not only will your home become more beautiful and easier for care for, but you will most likely save considerable money on your energy costs as well.

Most of the time, everyone assumes that's all that matters to you. Maybe it it, but maybe not. So lets think about the first 5 things that come to mind "for you" when you decide its time. Maybe you only have 3, maybe 1. But make no mistake, you all have a reason to spend money. Have you thought of something?

Here are some that come to mind;

1. Energy Costs

2. Curb appeal

3. Poor Operation

4. Broken or painted shut

5. Upkeep

Whatever your reason, have these with you and make sure that whatever you do, checks off these boxes. Okay, we know what we want to get done, we know why were do it. What now?

I would suggest you look at your list and determine the material since the material really drives everything.

1. Thermally Broken Aluminum

Contemporary style, larger sizes, maximum glass, minimum frame at a cost of some efficiency.

2. Vinyl

Looks can be a mixed bag depending on the manufacturer. Most will have a thin profile and a thicker profile. The thin profile has a more contemporary style but they are usually limited in overall size. Thicker profiles tend to offer a more traditional style but depending of brand, can tend to look cheap. On the other hand, these all will provide great energy efficiency while being budget friendly.

3. Wood

The natural, warm and alluring features of wood are hard to match with stronger synthetic materials. Wood windows are a good option for those looking for energy savings. They are attractive to those who wish to keep their custom home decor options open. You can stain or paint them to your exact desire. They are easy to transform, but that benefit comes with a need for more up-keep.

4. Composite

The popularity of fiberglass windows is growing because they are very strong, look great on both the inside and outside and are energy efficient windows. There are many colors to choose from helping you to match them with your home decor. The low maintenance of fiberglass windows is very attractive. Fiberglass windows are also able to be painted should you ever want a change. Fiberglass does come with a higher cost than some window options however.

Check back for part 2.

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